– Enrica van der Linden

I am so thankful for my Jeans, which are able to be worn in many styles and with any colour, but this became a lifestyle I found difficult to separate from. For me, it is not about deciding on what to wear, it’s about a number of things – being caught up in an industry that often demands a more practical outfit than a fashionable one. It’s about not having the time to shop, the typical “figure change”, work commitments, children’s needs, home needs, the now infamous “credit crunch” and just the lack of interest to be in the stores and be disappointed that “nothing fits” or the dreaded queue at the ladies changing rooms.

When I approached Sam to assist me in upgrading my dressing room, she arrived like a whirlwind, gathered the dust and swept the area clean to the point that I was left with a bundle of empty clothing hangers and a content smug look on her face. The brief to her was ‘ I want to re-introduce the funky look I once enjoyed, when I had the time to shop for it” and more importantly to provide me with basic items within a reasonable budget.

Sam’s introductory question to me was “so, how much time do you spend in the morning getting ready for the day ahead?”. Well that was easy enough…..about 10 minutes!

This was the beginning of our adventure. We spent the time confirming what clothing could be re- used in more updated styles and more importantly to focus on the basics that were desperately needed to enable me to mix and match successfully for the season ahead. It was challenging to find the time to meet Sam at the stores, but once I had committed, I knew it was something I longed for. We met at the local Mall, where she had pre-selected a fair range of fabulous clothes and outrageously interesting accessories (all of which I love!). My only task was to try everything on, take my purchases home and hang them on the empty hangers in my cupboard.

We then co-ordinated the purchases and Sam prepared a file for me of variations in outfits, this enabling me to still fit within my 10 minute morning route!

Sams very trendy and jaw-dropping outfits are always to be admired, so I never doubted her expertise and was confident that she would be in a position to help me get back on track. She loves the mall (eeck!) and her savvy approach has enabled me to update my dressing cupboard in an affordable and practical manner.

Thanks Sam!

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