Meet Sam

Born: 14 September 1972
Known for: Individual Style
Situated: Sunningdale, Cape Town
Loves: Family, Friends, Fashion, Décor, Renovating, Shopping, New York, Mozambique

My inspiration is from within..... It's who I am ...... Not copied or created!

"I have to say I absolutely LOVE my job! My work is really diverse and every day is totally different so I am never doing the same thing twice. I find it incredibly rewarding working one on one with my clients. Whether it's shopping for them for a specific outfit, helping them put together a whole new capsule wardrobe, giving them an enormous surge of confidence, or shopping for them for an individual décor item or for décor for a whole room, or even renovating their whole apartment or house.

Every one of my clients has totally different requirements, which makes my job hugely enjoyable, exciting and challenging. I really couldn't imagine anything better than seeing my clients appreciating themselves, feeling more confident and loving their new clothes, and admiring their homes décor and their homes new look, all within a space of a few hours!

It is a common preconception to think that you have to spend huge amounts of money on designer clothes to look stylish but this definitely is not the case. I truly believe regardless of whether you buy high street designer clothes or more affordable clothes, it's not about what you wear, but how you wear it - dressing for YOU and no one else is key!" The same goes for décor too!

Let's get "Social"

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