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  • Fashion Styling
  • Personal Shopping
  • Special Occasion Styling
  • Travel Wardrobe / Holiday Wardrobe Styling
  • Anything else fashion related
  • Home Décor Styling
  • Renovations

Are you sick of the sight of your wardrobe?

  • Bored of your image?
  • Do you need help maximising each piece of clothing?
  • Want help with mixing and matching stylish outfits?

A wardrobe styling session is perfect for clients who have a limited budget or requires help creating new and stylish outfits from their existing wardrobe.

Get Glam will work through your wardrobe with you to establish which items you should keep in terms of fit and suitability while disposing of all clothes that must be bagged up for the charity shop. I will show you how to dress for your body shape, accessorise successfully and share with you invaluable tips on how to dress confidently for your lifestyle. Ultimately you will be left with the best colours, shapes and styles that work for you! I also guarantee you will find this experience liberating whilst feeling cleansed of your old unfashionable fads!

To book your wardrobe styling session or for more information please contact Sam on 083 414 0600 or email samswart@mweb.co.za

I believe no two clients are the same, therefore I ensure complete flexibility to accommodate your requirements - making certain you receive a totally unique and bespoke personal styling experience.

I am available for a variety of fabulous personal styling consultations, so whether you purely want to focus on shopping for new clothes or you require a wardrobe styling session first, it's completely up to you!

For clients that have a busy lifestyle, Get Glam provides an unrivalled luxury Concierge Shopping Service, that can be worked around your busy schedule. I am available 24 hours a day to ensure I meet your deadline and live up to every inch of your expectations.

An initial meeting is required in the first instance when booking this service so that we can fully understand your personal requirements.

To book your personal styling session or for more information please contact Sam on 083 414 0600 or email samswart@mweb.co.za

* Are you bored with the sight of your home decor?
* Need a new decor image?
* Hate shopping or cannot find what you are looking for?
* Need inspiration in this field?

Get Glam can help you here!

We can revamp one room or a few rooms, depending on your budget.

Needless to say all your lovely existing furniture and decor will be incorporated and used, only spending money on new decor purchases where necessary so as not to break the bank, if that is what you want.

To book your home decor styling session or for more information please contact Sam Swart on 083 414 0600 or email samswart@mweb.co.za

No job is too big or too small!

I have a wealth of experience with overseeing entire renovations liaising with architects, builders, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and decorators.
Letters of recommendations are advertised under Testimonials below.
Fee 10-15% of total renovation cost.

To book your renovation consultation or for more information please contact Sam on 083 414 0600 or emailsamswart@mweb.co.za





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Initial Consultation:

1 Hour: R500

Wardrobe Analysis:

R500 per hour

Home Décor Analysis:

R500 per hour

All Shopping:

R500 per hour


Based on a personal recommendation, we engaged Samantha in May of 2018 as the project manager to oversee and coordinate the renovation of our Blouberg beachfront apartment.

The design brief to Samantha was to transform a dull, dated apartment into a modern on-trend penthouse.

Also valuable was the advice given by Samantha’s husband Ivan whose many years of experience in real estate enabled us to decide on a budget for the renovation and understand the value it would create.

After a number of site visits and meetings the decision was made to gut the existing apartment and do a total renovation including architectural changes as well as replacing all the electrical and plumbing installations.

Samantha secured the builder and 3rd party contractors and work began in July 2018.

Samantha was onsite almost every day coordinating the renovation with the different parties, ensuring contractors complied with agreed work and standards.

In December 2018 the renovation was completed and the apartment was handed over.

Thank you Sam for your commitment, drive and invaluable advice in helping us create such a stunning space.

Wishing you every success with your next project.

Terry & Blossom

My family and I recently bought a holiday apartment in the Blouberg area.

We decided from the start that we wanted to renovate and re-design the interior completely to turn the apartment into the ‘little gem’ that it deserves to be. Even though we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted our new home to look like, we had no idea how to put it all together.
That is where Sam stepped in and her services proved to be of immense value throughout the whole project.

In our consultations together, we discussed styles and items we liked, colours we wanted etc, so that were all thinking along the same lines. This allowed Sam to create several ‘mood boards’ where we could physically ‘see’ how our ideas would fit together.
With her guidance, we could then purchase pieces of furniture, carpets, prints etc, and we could decide on a wall colour as well. The last stage was to fill the apartment with soft home decoration that tied in with all the other elements already in place.

We cannot believe how beautiful the ‘end result’ is. We are so happy! On top of that, we were able to finish the project on time, and within budget.

I will recommend Sam and her company ‘Get Glam’ to anyone for her professional, kind and customer focused service. She really is fantastic at her job!

- Jessie Wolvaardt

“I have always been envious of Samantha’s effortless style and even though I have benefitted over the years with friendly advice I couldn’t have been happier to hear that Sam had turned her talent into “Get Glam” consultancy. Dressing for me has always reflected a passionate love hate relationship, which often led to doom and gloom when the right outfit couldn’t be found to fit the occasion. My solution for work would be a uniform of black pants, black top and wedges.

Sam opened a whole new world of playing with my wardrobe and dress sense when she helped me sort, buy and pack for a two week trip to the US. New York no less! I still had my favourite black items, found some lost ones at the back of the cupboard and with Sam’s advice brought in textures and characteristic accessories. A wonderful shopping partner, honest thoughtful and relevant advice all based on the things that are important to me…a woman couldn’t ask for a better solution to keeping in touch with her favourite things in fashion.

Thank you Sam!”

- Michelle Korevaar

“Quite simply, Sam has what it takes to make a statement. Being set in my dress style, and probably a bit afraid to step away from what works for me, my intro meeting with Sam had one message: change my view of what I think I can and should wear, glam me up and make it easy for me to transition. And that is exactly what Sam did. It remains a journey and I am having fun with the fresh look me! Thank you Sam. “

- Michélle Booysen

“I call myself a practical girl… I am a mother of two young children, and very involved in their sporting and other school activities. I have a corporate job, which I love and enjoy. In my ‘scarce’ spare time, I like to go to gym, read a book or attend some work or school function. You see – I do not have time for luxury (window) shopping in malls or hour-long browsing through glossy magazines to see what this year’s fashion trends look like…

I have basically always shopped at the same outlets: they offer and advertise good brand names, trendy fashion and medium priced yet durable outfits. I never questioned whether the outfits I bought were really suitable for me. I thought my clothes had to look ok – given that they came from well known shops…

That is until I met Sam, who suggested she should go shopping with me… I explained to her that I do not really have time to shop – so we took out a few hours and off we went…
A new world opened in front of my eyes. Sam suggested we go shopping in ‘different shops’ to the ones I was used to. She made me try on designs and colours that I would not have tried on myself. She told me ‘to work with me strengths’ and to pick clothes that are flattering for my body’s shapes. I bought about 5 items and I must say that I have received more compliments on those than on the rest of my wardrobe – ever…

I believe that Sam’s advice is very valuable. She has taught me a lot about ‘how to pick my clothes’ while still remaining practical and quick. I will definitely recommend ‘Get Glam’ to all my working girl-friends out there…”

- Jessie Wolvaardt

“Embarking on a dream renovation which will probably be my first and last, needs some great advise from someone whose style speaks for itself.  Samantha you are an absolute blessing.  Thank you for listening to my endless rambling and creative gibberish and then beautifuly pulling all my dream ideas together into the best plan ever! And recommending a builder to do the renovation!  So excited to take the next step with you by my side.

Thank you Thank you Sam.

- Michelle Korevaar

“Was great to have someone shop for me, and go straight to the enjoyable part of trying it all on. Sam created a space in which I could recreate my image and get a look and feel that I wanted.”

- Genevieve Stanton

I am so thankful for my Jeans, which are able to be worn in many styles and with any colour, but this became a lifestyle I found difficult to separate from. For me, it is not about deciding on what to wear, it’s about a number of things – being caught up in an industry that often demands a more practical outfit than a fashionable one. It’s about not having the time to shop, the typical “figure change”, work commitments, children’s needs, home needs, the now infamous “credit crunch” and just the lack of interest to be in the stores and be disappointed that “nothing fits” or the dreaded queue at the ladies changing rooms.

When I approached Sam to assist me in upgrading my dressing room, she arrived like a whirlwind, gathered the dust and swept the area clean to the point that I was left with a bundle of empty clothing hangers and a content smug look on her face. The brief to her was ‘ I want to re-introduce the funky look I once enjoyed, when I had the time to shop for it” and more importantly to provide me with basic items within a reasonable budget.

Sam’s introductory question to me was “so, how much time do you spend in the morning getting ready for the day ahead?”. Well that was easy enough…..about 10 minutes!

This was the beginning of our adventure. We spent the time confirming what clothing could be re- used in more updated styles and more importantly to focus on the basics that were desperately needed to enable me to mix and match successfully for the season ahead. It was challenging to find the time to meet Sam at the stores, but once I had committed, I knew it was something I longed for. We met at the local Mall, where she had pre-selected a fair range of fabulous clothes and outrageously interesting accessories (all of which I love!). My only task was to try everything on, take my purchases home and hang them on the empty hangers in my cupboard.

We then co-ordinated the purchases and Sam prepared a file for me of variations in outfits, this enabling me to still fit within my 10 minute morning route!

Sams very trendy and jaw-dropping outfits are always to be admired, so I never doubted her expertise and was confident that she would be in a position to help me get back on track. She loves the mall (eeck!) and her savvy approach has enabled me to update my dressing cupboard in an affordable and practical manner.

Thanks Sam!

- Enrica van der Linden

“ Hi Sam!

I would just like to take this opportunity to express my utmost gratitude to you for your input and excellent choice of clothing you made for me recently.
You made the shopping experience very easy and pleasant for me. Generally when I go shopping for clothes, it becomes quite confusing and a tedious task, whereas this was quite the opposite.
You are gifted with an “eye” for fashion, colour and accessories, for purchasing new items and matching with existing items in wardrobe. And done so quickly! What more could one ask for?
Thanking you once again.”

- Kim Meirowitz