As you may know Get Glam is not a new business. It is rather a business I created in 2011 styling clients from a fashion point of view doing wardrobe styling and personal styling, after taking a sabbatical from my 20 year real estate profession.
What came thereafter was the space that was specifically built and created for Get Glam and I added Home Decor to the fashion concept, both in 2017.

Get Glam's space was launched glamorously with a cocktail launch on Wednesday 15 March 2017 @ 7PM in Sunningdale Cape Town with fourty select clients to experience what I do and what I offer, as well as to have some retail shopping in my space.
Items for sale were "one of a kind" with my unique style, rather than the items you will find hundreds of each in a retail store.

It has always been a dream of mine to have my own “store”probably the reason we purchased some gorgeous beachfront retail space some fourteen years ago, which in the future I can still see my shop being located at. But for now I am more than delighted with our trendy new coffee shop tenants who have added an incredible institution into our neighbourhood, and I will continue to dream that perhaps one day my store will be and believe that if this is meant to be it will be.

The newest addition to my services being Renovations, added in 2018, which is something I absolutely LOVE to do and feel I am really well equipped to do. I honestly can do this with my eyes closed and it makes my heart really happy. Most importantly I have the most amazing team that I work with when doing renovations. I would never tackle any renovation without them. We have six + renovations together under our belt to date and each one has been a stress free event and turned out even better than I could of even dreamed!

My latest renovation, which was two months worth of work which we attempted to tackle in 12 days and which target we achieved!! Quite an amazing feat if I may say so myself!

No matter what your personal needs may be I will be more than happy to be of service to you. During consultations clients will have access to my personal knowledge and years of experience.

Personal Message to you girls

Do not be afraid to wear what you want! And get dressed up every day for no reason but for yourself! So often girls say to me I always look fabulous wearing items that they would never dream of putting together into one outfit and that I manage to pull it off! You can do it too! So just do it!
Same goes for decor! Don’t be afraid to bring a bit of your own personality into the decor in your home. This makes a home unique, personal and interesting.

My Favorite Quotes
You can be whatever you want to be!

It's never too late too follow your dream!

Be your own kind of beautiful

My latest personal (COVID) mantra
Count your blessings and you will find one million reasons to smile

Stay healthy, stay positive, stay safe and stay glamorous
Love Sam 💋